Rate Escalations

What should I do if I want a Rate Escalated?

Find the shift you want to Escalate > Action Menu > Request Escalation.

In the Escalation Section

Choose the amount you want to escalate by. You can choose a different amount for Core and Unsocial. 

If the shift is just Core, don't worry, just type in the same amount for Unsocial. (you can do the same for Unsocial)

Then provide a reason behind the Escalation Request. This will help the authoriser understand the nature of importance of the Escalation. 

Choose the Authoriser you want to make a decision for you. 

Tap Submit. All done. Your Authoriser has been sent a request to Escalate email.  

As soon as the Escalation has been approved, you'll be updated over email to let you know the Escalation has been approved. 

How do I know my Escalation has been Approved or Rejected? 

Two things will happen: 

  1. You will receive an email notification outlining the approval or rejection, and why it's been rejected. 
  2. The shift rate will automatically update on Patchwork. Both the Hub and App will show the rate you have requested automatically. Happy days. 

Can I Escalate Shifts Myself? 

Depending upon your Organisation’s policy (these decisions have nothing to do with Patchwork), you may be able to Escalate yourself. 

To see if you can authorise the Escalation yourself, Tap here:

If the checkbox is active, you can go ahead and Escalate yourself. 

What Happens if I need to Ask A Different Authoriser ?

From time to time, the authoriser you ask will be out of the office. If that's the case, it's time to ask someone else to authorise the Escalation for you. 

In the Rate Escalations section:

  1. Request an Escalation from another Authoriser
  2. Tap Submit. Job done. 

What happens if I have requested the wrong amount?

First of all, don't worry. 

Whenever you make a mistake, just withdraw the request (at the bottom of the Escalation Section). Everyone will be notified that you have withdrawn your request.

Then you can go ahead and create a new Escalation Request.

Can I Escalate A Shift That Is Booked or Awaiting Approval?

No, Escalations are intended for shifts that are vacant. If you have use case for Escalating Booked shifts, please email help@patchwork.health and tell us what you’re trying to achieve. 


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