I am a substantive who wants to work bank shifts. How do I proceed?

  1. Once verified, return to the app, and select the organisation you currently work at.
  2. Select ‘Yes I am’ if you are already associated with this organisation.
  3. View the Staff Bank Agreement Form*, then sign in the space below to agree to the terms outlined.
  4. The staff bank will receive the request and confirm your status within the organisation. This is to ensure your ESR and payroll information are synced.
  5. You will be notified once the account is activated.
  6. Once confirmed, you may begin booking shifts via the app.

ase note:
If your account has not been activated within 72 hours of applying to an organisation, please contact the staff bank in question directly.

*Patchwork does not set the terms of the Staff Bank Agreement. This is set and decided by the staff bank and Organisation's HR teams.The agreement is made available on the app only for the purpose of facilitating your registration with the staff bank.

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