How do I obtain sign-off for my shift(s)?

  1. Navigate to ‘Timesheets’ from the menu tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Under the ‘To Sign-Off’ tab, select the shift that you wish to sign off.
  3. You can sign off multiple shifts for the same department by selecting each shift and then tap 'Sign Off Selected'.
  4. This will create an e-timesheet for each shift selected that needs to be filled out by an authoriser.
  5. The authoriser will then select their details from the 'Choose Authoriser' list, input a digital signature and then select 'Sign Off'.
  6. A receipt of shift authorisation will be sent to you (the locum) and the authoriser.

Please note: if you need to make changes to the shift time, please email your department managers who will be able to make these amendments for you and sign off the shift on your behalf.

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